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CDS Services

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Home Drs patients get access to the full spectrum of primary care medical services without having to spend time in a waiting room.

Home Drs. Primary Home Care is ideal for:

  • Primary Care for Homebound Patients

  • Interim Care for Acute and Urgent Conditions

  • Home Health, Hospice and Social Services Coordination

  • Physician Practices Looking to Extend Their Care

In-Home CDS Services

At Home Drs Medical Group, we provide medical house calls in St. Louis, MO for patients as an interim or primary care physician treating chronic and acute conditions, or to treat urgent (non-emergency) conditions.

 Home Drs Medical Group is staffed with board certified clinicians that specialize in internal and geriatric medicine. Our house call clinicians are experienced in urgent, acute, chronic, geriatric, palliative and post-operative care, and are committed to changing the way medical care is delivered.

​Home Drs Medical Group treats patients with multiple chronic or acute conditions that require ongoing medical care management, AND patients who are just not feeling well and need quick medical attention without having to spend countless hours in the waiting room.

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